Thursday, May 5, 2011

Want to play cricket with Jehad Central?

We have all felt it, the authentic goose-bumps on the skin the tearing up when our Indianness tugs at our heart-strings. Question is does the government even acknowledge the countless Indians who have been a victim of Pakistan sponsored terrorism over the decades.
For me the biggest takeaway from President Obama's speech was his covenant with his fellow Americans that they did not die in vain. When he spoke of gaping holes left in families over dinner tables, arms aching to hug someone it was the sensitivity to the victim families of 9/11.
Do you remember any politician of any hue or party acknowledging the sheer human suffering in those affected by terror strikes across our country?
To all politicians we the people are a statistic, a number that is their hostage in the great geopolitical game, in the Mohali spirit in the desire for a Noble peace prize.
For all these things they are prepared overlook the breath-taking hypocrisy of Pakistan, its duplicity and its infinite desire to harm India. Our Prime Minister wants us to play cricket with Jehad Central. Great for the coffers of the BCCI, but what about the dishonor to the victims’ families and the countless martyrs over the decades that Pakistan has been waging war against India.

What kind of democracy is this that the citizen cannot even expect a right to life from the state?

America has funded Pakistan to the tune of over 50 billion dollars, but trusts us not to point out the hypocrisy inherent in the Pakistan line to the USA. Yes, of course, al Qaeda is the enemy, but you see Laskhar-e-Toiba and Jaish are just kindergarten kids practicing a kinder, gentler Jehad against India.

They are all the same. And now, even the USA is facing the blow-back of Pakistan double-speak.And, just one prediction the Army generals who so kindly protected Osama and are now extending the same courtesy to many other Taliban remember for the Jehadis - a nuclear armed nation is a greater prize than a war ravaged primitive Afghanistan?
And, the nuclear blackmail that Pakistan has always used against India now threatens the world.Vote bank politics when it involves terrorists is a dangerous game. And, all the candles burnt in Wagah and the so called spirit of Mohali will transform Pakistan.It is too far gone. It is Jehad Central on steroids. And, toxic off-shoots such as Kasab, Dawood Ibrahim and countless others, who have metasized into a terrorist cancer. We need to be afraid. Very afraid. And, ensure that we start respecting our own citizens’ right to life and liberty.That will only happen when Pakistan is declared a terrorist nation. And no, Dr Manmohan Singh it is not the same country that you remember with such nostalgic longing.

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